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PSF 110 Sports Surface Cleaner


PSF 110 Highlights:

- Replaces chemical disinfectants.

- Quickly destroys and eliminates  

   infectious bacteria, mold, mildew,

   viruses, and germs.

- Neutral pH

- Non-toxic

- Harmless

- Non-caustic

- No chemicals

- Performs at high temperatures up to


- Highly active energized enzyme 

   concentrate specifically formulated

   for use on synthetic turf and other

   sports (indoor and outdoor) high-

   contact surface areas. 

- An all-natural plant based enzyme

   cleaner that penetrates, dislodges, 

   and degrades organic dirt and debris.

- A specially formulated blend of 

   enzymes which have only one basic

   function to break down, degrade and 

   digest all organic contaminants.

- 100% safe and biodegradable.  

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Soccer/Lacrosse Goal Anchors



Model 2000 Soccer and Lacrosse Goal Anchor-


Secures soccer and lacrosse goals safely on and off the playing surface. 28” deep anchors have a resistance strength of 5000 pounds per set of 2.

Cushioned anchor cup surface has a Gmax rating of 125 conducted by a FIFA certified independent testing service, Labosport, Inc.

Each set includes one anchor, a height adjusting cup for the integrated padded top that houses the swiveled eye, a vinyl coated braided cable, a padlock, and all necessary hardware.

2 sets of anchors are required for each soccer goal and 3 for lacrosse goals. Anchors are set at the back corners of the soccer goals and one anchor at each corner of the lacrosse goals.

Anchors are set level with the surface and can be used for natural or artificial turf fields with very little disturbance to the surface. When not in use securing a goal, the anchors are safe enough to install in the lacrosse creases and will not affect play nor be a safety hazard.

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Convenience Infill Depth Gauge



A user friendly artificial turf infill depth gauge. Unit stands 35" tall so there is no need to stoop, bend, or squat to check infill depth. Digital readout allows for quick and easy depth checks. Can substantially reduce infill depth sampling time.

Infill depths on artificial turf sports fields need to be checked regularly to promote a safe playing surface. A faster and easier to use tool increases the probability that often needed checks will be completed regularly.

Place the Convenience Infill Depth Gauge on the spot of the artificial turf where you want to check the depth of the infill. Zero the digital readout. Push the top of the handle into the turf until you touch the backing. Record the infill depth.

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Grass Panels- Portable Turf


Grass Panels, the original modular synthetic turf grass system that is ideal for your next sporting or recreational event. 

Ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor sports, such as soccer, football, putting, training, bocce ball. and much more. 

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