Artificial Turf Sports Field Services

Specialized equipment to provide the best artificial turf maintenance possible.

Maintain, Repair, Refurbish

- Annual deep cleaning, grooming, and decompaction.

- As needed repairs and seasonal refresh cleaning.

- Renovation and replacement of worn turf areas. 

Safety and Performance Testing

- Gmax, HIC, and Rotational Resistance.

- Permeability.

Technical and Managing Support

- Guidelines for field owner maintenance. 

- Addressing proper usage and preserving safe field conditions.

Consulting for Replacement or New Artificial Turf Fields

- Develop performance specifications for field replacement    

  determined by the owners’ current and future needs.

- Quality Verification of materials and installation.

Data Collection and Support

- Usage and maintenance logs.

- Centralized storage of product specs, testing results, and logs.

- Mobile App.

Natural Surface Cleanser and Disinfectants

- PSF 110 Natural Enzymes Surface Cleanser.

- HOCl Organic Disinfectant.