Why PSF 110 Sport Surface Cleanser must be part of every turf sports field cleaning and disinfecting process

  • Surfaces have to be clean before they can be sanitized or disinfected. We're not just talking about removing lint and loose debris. The need is to remove the microscopic layer of biofilm that harbors the dangerous microbes. 

  • The CDC states disinfecting is ineffective when surfaces are dirty or greasy.  The WHO explains that disinfectants are inactivated by dirt and debris.  In these situations, rather than eliminating the threat, sanitizers and disinfectants will just combine with the gook and create an even bigger, and equally germ-ridden, mess. 

  • PSF 110 is your best solution to effectively clean your artificial turf and other sports surfaces. 

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The Growth of Microbes and Biofilm

Mold and bacteria growth on synthetic turf sports field. PSF 110 will remove the contamination.

Why the removal of biofilm is crucial for safer surfaces.


Man-made materials completely lack defense against microbial growth. Thus, microbial cells attached to any artificial surface in a moist environment can survive and proliferate. While the cell number increases on the surface the microbial cells usually start to build up a biofilm. Such biofilms allow microbial cells to survive under harsh conditions and the cells are up to 1,000 times less susceptible to disinfectants and other biocides. Further, many toxins excreted from biofilms make the latter pathogenic and resilient infections are spread. Further, antibiotic genes can be exchanged between bacteria within biofilms, which additionally enhances the formation of multi-resistant bacterial strains. Almost every man-made material can be degraded by microbial biofilms. Therefore, the control of microbial growth on surfaces is one of the key issues in material science as well as medicine. 

What about surface sanitation and covid-19?


What will be required of synthetic turf and other sport surfaces in the future?

No one is certain but we can agree that a higher level of cleanliness will be expected.

What should field owners be doing?

Contact us for specific details on our contact page or call 888-593-6013. Obviously keep the surface clean is your first priority and it's not just what you see that needs removed but removal of what you can't see is just as important. 

What's the importance of clean?

CDC and other qualified sources state that no product can adequately sanitize or disinfect a dirty surface, so make sure you clean regularly.

How do field owners clean what you can and can't see?

Again, contact us directly for complete details. Start by cleaning with your turf sweeper which removes the large debris. Then, the most efficient way to clean what you can't see is applying PSF 110 Natural Enzyme Surface Cleanser. Application by the field owner is easy and does not require specialized equipment and is very safe to use.

What's so special about PSF 110?

All the exceptional reasons to apply PSF 110 are explained below. Contact us for special situations and questions.

What additional things can field owners do to help protect students and athletes on sports turf?

There are some additional steps that can be taken but only after PSF 110 has been used to properly clean the surface. Contact us directly to discuss your situation and needs.


Why are the Enzymes in PSF 110 the perfect Sport Surface Cleanser?

PSF 110 Highlights:

- Replaces chemical disinfectants.

- Quickly destroys and eliminates infectious bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses, and  


- Neutral pH

- Non-toxic

- Harmless

- Non-caustic

- No chemicals

- Performs at high temperatures up to 160°F.

- Highly active energized enzyme concentrate specifically formulated for use on 

  synthetic turf and other sports (indoor and outdoor) high-contact surface    


- An all-natural plant based enzyme cleaner that penetrates, dislodges, and 

  degrades organic dirt and debris.

- A specially formulated blend of enzymes which have only one basic function 

  to break down and digest all organic contaminants.

- 100% safe and biodegradable. 

All About Enzymes.

Enzymes are not living microorganisms but are a "living energy" capable of one single action; to break down or digest specific molecules or microorganisms like bacteria, mold, viruses, and germs. Enzymes are a natural part of our world and play an important role in everyday life. Enzymes are catalysts that either start a natural process or accelerate an existing process. Whenever a problem substance, such as bacteria, mold, viruses, and germs, needs to be removed, enzymes are the answer.

An enzyme can complete its reaction without being used up or destroyed leaving the enzyme protein available for yet another reaction. This means that one enzyme molecule can act on many problem molecules. Eventually all the problem molecules are gone and the enzyme stops working. The enzyme, itself, will eventually break down if more problem molecules don't re-appear soon.

Enzymes are very specific in how they perform. Each enzyme can and will break down or synthesize one particular type of compound or problem molecule.

Are Enzymes Safe?

Enzymes are proteins; therefore, they are completely biodegradable. They are not toxic to people, plants, or animals in the environment. They are totally harmless if accidentally ingested.

Why Use Enzymes?

Enzymes can be used to replace harsh applications and chemicals like steam and chemical disinfectants. Enzymes are highly specific which means fewer unwanted side effects and by-products in the cleansing process. Enzymes are very safe and gentle on the surface to which they are applied.


Why is PSF 110 Sport Surface Cleanser the most superior Enzyme Cleanser available?

Here's why:

I. Our PSF 110 blend contains many different types of enzymes. This provides a broader and more complete cleansing solution than other enzyme products.

2. Enzymes in PSF 110 are effective across a wide range of temperatures. Optimum temperature is between 80°F and 120°F. However, PSF 110 can be frozen and maintain the same efficacy when thawed. Best of all, the enzymes are still very effective up to 160°F. PSF 110 can be applied nearly anytime needed.

3. PSF 110 enzymes are plant derived, 100% biodegradable, and contain all natural ingredients. No worries about allergic or chemical reactions or surface runoff.

4. The PSF 110 proprietary manufacturing process results in a more stable multiple enzyme blend with an extended multi-year shelf life. You can be assured that PSF 110 will be of consistent high performance.

5. The technology that makes the enzyme, as well as the final product formulations, is proprietary to PSF 110. The enzymes are manufactured in the U.S. by an ISO 9001:2000 registered facility. PSF 110 will always be of very high quality and consistency for effective application and efficacy.


In conclusion, as mentioned above, surfaces have to be clean before they can be sanitized or disinfected. The CDC states disinfecting is ineffective when surfaces are dirty or greasy. In these situations, rather than eliminating the threat, disinfectants will just combine with the gook and create an even bigger, and equally germ-ridden, mess. PSF 110 is your best solution to effectively clean your artificial turf and other sports surfaces.

Specialized spraying equipment is not needed to apply PSF 110 like chemical applications.

Specialized spraying equipment is NOT needed to apply PSF 110 .

Bacteria and other Microbes do exist in Synthetic Turf

Determination of Microbial Populations in Synthetic Turf

The Weber State University study below proves bacteria does exist on artificial turf sports fields. Conclusions on page 7 of the PDF summarize that the infill material can serve as a potential source for the spread of bacteria and other pathogens among athletes.

Determination of Microbial Populations in Synthetic Turf

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