Our Goal and Mission

TurfTecs... Leadership, Innovation, and Service with Integrity and Respect.


TurfTecs will be recognized as a leading artificial turf sports field maintenance and technical support provider.

We will accomplish this by our:

  • Dedication to our customers.
  • Contribution to the health, safety, and quality of sports activities.
  • Leadership in innovation.
  • Being an employer of choice.
  • Support of our partners with product and process development.
  • Financial strength to provide continuity for all who rely on us.


Guiding Parameters:

When TurfTecs takes to your field, we have four major parameters we address: 

  1. Safety of the players. This is first and foremost. Athletes do not want to be concerned about field conditions when they go out on the field. You, the field owner, do not want to be concerned about field safety and neither do the parents. TurfTecs can relieve you of those concerns.
  2. Providing excellent playability of the field. This provides the athletes with optimum field conditions to allow them to focus on the game and playing at the best of their skills. A well constructed and maintained field can bring out peak performance in an athlete.
  3. Create team, school, and community pride and enthusiasm from an attractive field. The Administration, Athletic Boosters, and the community in general will be more supportive when the game field is safe, plays well, and looks beautiful all season long.
  4. Providing a great return on the investment for the owner of the field by properly maintaining and doing the right things to help the surface last for many, many years.